Fixed Price Fixed Scope:

  • The classical agreement for development projects, which guarantees delivery of a predefined set of functionalities within a certain time frame.
  • It requires a comparatively high effort for requirements definitions and the implementation of a change management protocol.
  • Less suitable for projects whose requirements are likely to change over time.

Dedicated Teams:

  • A team of developers works exclusively on the projects of a client.
  • Ideally suited for agile development.
  • Management and reporting requirements are shared between SuraSystems and its clients.
  • Allows an easy integration with the client’s in-house development teams as well as own infrastructure.
  • Provides the highest level of control and flexibility for adjustments as needed.


A dedicated core team is involved in ongoing development and maintenance tasks; spikes in demand are supported by additional developers on either fixed price or time & material basis

Time and Budget Cap:

  • The contract is awarded for fixed time frames (e.g. two months) with a fixed not-be-exceeded budget
  • The team processes the backlog in an Agile manner
  • This option limits the client’s commitment to one phase at a time and includes a natural controlling mechanism – the contractor receives an extension only if the client is satisfied with the current performance